What we Treat - Work-Related Injuries
Injuries which occur at work are covered by ACC or your accredited employer/insurer. An ACC form can filled in at our clinic and we will manage the ACC claim for you.
Treatment will depend on your symptoms and may include soft tissue massage, nerve stretches, muscle balance training, strengthening, acupuncture, postural advice and advice on performing activities in the workplace. We can also refer you for a workplace assessment.
If left untreated, secondary problems often occur, and re-injury is more common.
We also have considerable experience in the treatment and management of RSI/OOS having worked in the central city and can advise on you on how to proceed with your ACC claim. Symptoms of RSI/OOS or gradual process may include pain which moves around, tingling, numbness and weakness in the arm or leg.
When making an appointment, please let the receptionist know if you have RSI or OOS, and/or if your symptoms have occurred over a period of time.